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The Ethics

Wild and the Moon understands the principle that we are all part of the whole. Therefore when we hurt our planet we are hurting ourselves, when we exploit resources and people in production of goods it will come back around. 


It's easy to feel powerless in our world today. However we all possess a very real power - that is the choice of where to put our money. For so long we have chosen to put our power back into the hands of large corporations that don’t respect our values. But there’s an alternative more karmic choice we can make - to feed into small artisan businesses who's ethical and environmental views are in line with our own. I believe the more mindful we are with our choices the more authentic our life will feel, slowly you'll surround yourself with ethically produced treasures and they will breath light into your world…

The Promise

Each piece at Wild and the Moon is designed, handmade and packed using sustainable methods


We have removed the use of harmful acids in traditional jewellery production for ecologically safe ‘food grade’ alternatives 


We use eco recycled silver, boycotting the ethical and environmental issues of the mining industry entirely


Our gold is fairtrade certified, this means miners are paid a fair wage for their work and do not use mercury or child labour as part of their process


No plastics will be used in the packaging of your jewellery

2018-09-28 07.35.07 1.jpg

“I got it!!!! Dude! They're SO beautiful! Im so stoked on my ring! You're the best! Thank you so much.”

— Leah Reinhardt, MAUI

2018-10-05 05.43.04 1.jpg

“Just picked up the package from the post office today, it has the perfect size and you did a beautiful job with the mountains and the sun. I can feel the love you put into it. This necklace means so much. Thank you.”

— Stina Lehne, GERMANY

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