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Artisan treasures, made to order, using ethically sourced silver & gold ~

each piece is unique just like us.

The Foundation


Wild and the Moon began with a four month road trip through the outback, sometimes you need to go somewhere very still and quiet in order to hear yourself properly and give your dreams space to grow.


when you live on the road for a while, something happens.

there's a shift where you start paying more attention to your surroundings. the

patterns of the sun and the moon become important as these dictate when you

wake up and when you sleep. out in the wilderness of the sacred indigenous

lands as the sun rises and sets the temperature change is extreme. on clear

nights, if you are lucky, you can see the red moon rising up from the horizon.


Exploring these lands and observing natures patterns, opened me up to the rhythm of the cosmos. I realised how detached our modern lives have become and how much richer our lives can be by slowing down, having less and reconnecting to nature.

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